Customer Relations

Kryt provides inbound and outboard Contact Centre support with numerous types of services such as

bullet Customer care
bullet Technical Support
bullet Debt Collection
bullet Sales, Events & Promotion campaigns

call centreKryt’s call centres are based in Lagos with over flow facilities in Ireland, from which we provide solutions to helps organizations manage their customer relationships and handle all customer enquiries for our client’s customers including contact by telephone, white-mail, e-mail, web-mail, SMS and fax.

Our Call Centre representatives get fully trained and equipped with excellent product and service knowledge to provide support needed for our client’s focusing on a first time fix. These services include service level analysis, call analysis and tracking and building loyal customers which can be provided 24/7 to meet our clients requirements and also;

We have the capacity to provide call centre support for many leading private and public organisations focused in customer service, technical and sales with economical and customer focused solutions to suit any organisational requirements, helping them;

bullet Save them millions in upfront requirement, selection, training and wages expenses.
bullet Guarantee high performance and high quality Customer Care and Customer Contact services.
bullet Ensure that clients pay only for productive talk minute and do not pay for breaks, sickness or vacation time.
bullet Eliminate the need for extra staff management, office rental and spaces so that there are no missed sales or customers and no over staffed idle time.

With a flexible infrastructure and technology, experienced management team and unrivalled efficiency, you are guaranteed of effective customer relationships management.

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